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History Quest

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History Quest

Duration6 months
CoverageToronto Fort York


to develop interactive historical quest for local visitors and international tourists


An interactive tour, a special mobile app leads visitors through really existing exhibits, as well as 8 virtual and mixed reality exhibits, each of them are displaying key moments in the history of Fort York area. Visitors can download the Toronto History Quest app onto their mobile device, or come to the Visitor Centre and get a “Time Tablet” with ear buds to participate in all the interactive exhibits including a multimedia “Time Tunnel” with climactic explosions of the 1813 Battle of York


Achieved 10,000 involved visitors on permanent annual base. All the softs were developed was based on The Time Tablet™ by AWE technology. Produced By Fort York Tours 1 Inc. An Affiliate of Divani Films Inc. Time Tablet™ Software © 2013 AWE Company Ltd.