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October 19, 2020

Being Social with Rabbit

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It may seem that promotion of brands on social networks is the simplest task for a prepared agency. This type of ad is ideal for small or medium business; and for brands it’s a must. If you are not online, you are not in a consumer basket. You could object saying that you are on the shelf –  but it is only the consumer who knows, who may not see you, remember you, or want to buy, if they are not familiar with your social status. Nowadays, any brand turns faceless without its charismatic life on social media. It’s not enough to have witty name, logo, and memorable slogan, besides you need to have an understandable background – what is brand character? What is it like? How does it react to the world changing around us and evolve with society. Only due to social networks such deep meaning goals like particular brand formation, building loyalty – can be achieved. 

During the re-opening period after the pandemic, we were promoting a beauty salon via social networks. It is an ordinary small business that depends on customers’ flow. Taking into account that safety is the main insight at this difficult time; nevertheless, consumers want to come to the salon and get its services, we launched a campaign in social networks on the priority service for customers who pay for booking packages in advance. Over the first 7 days, the campaign covered more than 9 thousand contacts and the next 8 weeks all the salon had been fully booked, 10 hours a day including weekends. The key task of social media is delivering an advertising message to right target groups. Tell us who your consumers are. We will find them on the net. Do they only buy at sales? – Do they leave baskets full of orders but do not pay? – Do they collect pocket books, but they only read cookery books? – We will find them. Do they travel in search of The Rings of Power and have big hairy paws? – We will definitely find them.

Customers often chase likes or traffic, which no decent agency will allow you to do. Why? Because by starting unprofessional campaigns, setting wrong advertising goals, and creating junk content, you don’t only lose money or time, you lose respect on the network. After some wrong experience on the network, Facebook will offer you the next targeted tools and optimizations, based on this previous experience that is automatically considered successful even if it isn’t. If experience is poor, future campaigns will be started from this same level. The moral of this paragraph is to work with professionals, respect yourself, the brands, and undoubtedly the Network.

The White Rabbit has several clients on an ongoing basis. This is a profitable long-term win-win partnership. The clients work with experienced professionals who get to know its brands better and better after each ad. Also permanent partnership includes providing a client with a strategy and creative ideas. So, think to start targeting by targeting yourself via choosing the right tools and people who won’t let you down.

Now you know that an experienced digital specialist is like a chef of the advertising kitchen. You see social media everywhere, you can save budgets on media coverage and grab your target customers feeling the same excited, building loyalty through networks is also convenient and reliable, as it is easy to verify it in analytical indicators. Wanna give it a go? Follow the White Rabbit.